Monday, June 28, 2010

1st trip to victoria bryant

We took a trip to Victoria Bryant State Park in Royston yesterday. It is such a sweet park and now we want to plan a family camping trip there with some of our favorite families - maybe when the heat breaks a bit... We went because I promised my dad a family picnic for his birthday, then I went on vacation, then father's day rolled around and we still were waiting for the right time. It is very hard to find the right time when everyday it is 100 degrees outside. We were going to go to Watson's Mill, but they don't have many picnic tables and even fewer of them are near the water where the kids could play in water and the adults have shade which was a prerequisite of my dad. So, we settled on Victoria Bryant - after I called them to make sure we would be able to be near the water and have shade and they assured me neither would be a problem - and they were right! It is a totally sweet park with small shoals to play in and there is a swimming pool and some fishing ponds as well, but we didn't hit those - just the shoals. It was also a real treat for me to be able to go on a picnic with my folks. We see them a lot in and out of each others homes, but to go out and do something that ALL of us enjoy is often not an easy thing to do. I sure hope we do it again very soon! So, here are some pictures of our day!

They are both almost as tall as me. I figure India will pass me by winter at the rate she is growing right now.

mmmm food...

sometimes I look through our pictures and I think what an obnoxious family we are that we smile so much!





next time we are going to Watson's Mill because I found out yesterday my mom has never been there. She has lived in Athens over 40 years and has never been there. Can you believe it? We have to change that.

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