Thursday, July 1, 2010

jason made a friend


While working in the garden last night, Jason unearthed this critter. It just stuck around hanging out in the dirt beside him. It was there the entire time I was standing there talking to him and then India came out and got me for a phone call. I went back inside and got my camera, came back out and took a picture of it and when Hubb came in for dinner about an hour later it had finally slithered back into the ground. It wasn't afraid of us at all. Jason was digging all around in the dirt around it and pulling out grass. (there is a lot of bermuda grass out there that is choking out his plants). It's just a very small rat snake about a foot and a half long, but we figured it must be in the process of molting because it was moving slow - or it might have just eaten because it had a bulge in the belly. Either way, it's good to have it out there - all though I don't really like KNOWING a snake is about, but it will eat the moles and voles that hang out in the garden and a garden snake is a good thing to have - at least that's what I hear... AND because I'm all about us having familiars... we are calling him Herman... I wonder if we will lay eyes on it again this year?!

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