Sunday, October 31, 2010

something new for HuBb

Talk about a great guy. He has worked pretty hard to keep things going around here. I am so thankful for him and you all already know how crazy much I love him, so I won't bore you or get all gushy gushy over him today. So, about a month ago, we let go of the ramp. It no longer lives in our backyard. This was not exactly an easy decision for us since we have enjoyed it so much, but unfortunately, the ramp requires more upkeep than our lives can provide it and it was beginning to just sit out there unused... We debated for a long time what to do with it, keep it, let it go... Well, it has thankfully, gone to our friend David Hale's home where he is now thoroughly enjoying it and his son will be raised riding that ramp. He's barely one, but they say he's already into it and gets excited! I'm so glad Kalib skates, in spite of any injuries he gets. There are few things that totally put you in the present moment like skateboarding. Skaters are passionate people and I can't think of a skater I have ever met that I didn't like. They are smart and usually creative in some way. I appreciate how focused they are. Always thinking about the next session or watching other skaters or looking at skateboard art which is some of the coolest art out there and talk about impermanent. I know very few people who live as passionately as skaters do. A big reason why I love that at 36 Jason still skates and that Kalib is growing up in it as well. What does this have to do with anything... it doesn't... I couldn't help getting all gushy about something... give a girl a break... I not a skate, but I'm certainly passionate about living a happy life.

Ok, so, in trade for the ramp, Jason got another 1/2 sleeve tattoo as David is a does tattoo's and makes art much like Jason and this what he decided to get!!!! They talked about it beforehand and then ran with the idea. I LOVE it so far and can't wait until they add color to it and then once I'm all healed up I'm getting a big one too! To see some of David's artwork outside of tattooing as well as tattooing here is his website. You should really check it out. I feel certain you will be glad you did. His art is great and he did an incredible job on Jason's new ink!!!




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