Monday, November 8, 2010

more crafting

On Saturday, Jason took the kids to a corn maze in Cleveland GA. They were so excited. It was going to be cold and dark! I didn't go because even though my energy is returning and I'm feeling more and more like my normal healthy happy self, I didn't want to run the risk of doing too much or being on my feet too long. From the photos of the corn maze map on the website it looked huge and there was a hay ride afterwards. Jennifer, always the thoughtful lady, invited the girls to all go with her girls, so Jason offered to take the boys and most of the kids in our little (it's not really all that little when you tally up all the kids) homeschooling family got to go. While they were gone, I had a few lady friends over for talking and hanging out and crafting if they wanted. Sarah Cook and I made dolls, again. Madrona did some knitting. Holly, Shannon, and Ashley practiced some chakra clearing. We had yummy food and lots of Brie and Carbs. I made a Mexican Chocolate Pound Cake that I am still salivating over. I will be making it again and this time I'm not going to forget to get enough chocolate to make a drizzle over the top of it. Yum! I love nights where we don't stay out late and have an opportunity to hear how everyone is and what's going on in their lives and spend time together in such a way. I really want to cultivate more quality time with my friends. I get a lot of quantity, but the kids are running around and the parents are distracted or we've all met up at a restaurant or music venue and can't hear one another. I want more time with my friends just like my kids want time with theirs.

Here are mine and Sarah Cook's dolls... bet you can't guess which doll belong to which Sarah?! Of course you can - if you know us ... It's so obvious...

Mine isn't quite finished in this one, but my energy was petering out, so I finished it up Sunday morning and this one is by far my favorite thus far that I've made. India says I should start an Etsy store and sell them. Maybe?!

Witchy Woman... she's got the sun and the moon in her eyes.

Fire in the fall of her life.

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