Tuesday, November 2, 2010

pumpkin carving

This is one of my favorite things each year the kids get to do. It is super messy and they look forward to it and it is right up Jason's alley. It is one of the rare things I get to look on and watch rather than participate. I usually have to be involved and with the pumpkin carving all I have to do is take the kids to get their pumpkins and then Jason takes the reins and they carve awesome pumpkins together. This year, we decided the kids were old enough to use the blades themselves, so I also bought, for the first time, a pumpkin carving kit. I will definitely have to invest in another kit next year, but I'm proud to say the kids did the majority of the pumpkin carving all by themselves! Sharp knives and all! So... without further ado... here are the photos of their awesome pumpkins! Kalib's is his own design and India borrowed her idea from the pumpkin carving kit! Didn't they do a great job - especially since they did it on the back porch in the dark and it was their first time of doing by themselves with only a little help from dad?!

getting started!

Kalib cutting away!


Ready to use the electric drill - I forget why they always end up needing it.

Stay back... this could be dangerous!



Kalib's pumpkin:

India's pumpkin:


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