Tuesday, April 19, 2011

India's Tuesday Photo

You may or may not remember, Tuesday is the day we are off the computer for the most part (mom gets to check in, but only to make sure there isn't anything requiring immediate attention). Instead of spending a long time writing a post on Tuesday, I share a photo my beautiful and talented 12 year old daughter has taken.

In looking with India through the pictures she took this past week there are so many I love.  It is hard to pick just one.  She knew I would be putting up the first, but the second I just happened to see as I went fishing through the files looking for the first.  I just can't help myself today, your getting two of her photos!  You don't mind, do you?

 She's going to have to have a fancier camera before too much longer.  She uses my Canon Powershot or her Panasonic Lumix (SLR) to shoot all her photos.  She wants a Canon Rebel and hopefully one day before too much longer we will be able to afford to get her one.  

Anyhow, here is a self portrait she took.  It's a pretty misleading picture because the grass looks much taller than it actually is.  (She's so pretty isn't she?! - I'm such a proud mama)

She may not be quite done editing this one yet, but I absolutely love it.  (I didn't tell her I was planning on using it because I just saw it and she is still sleeping!)

Dandelions are some of the best medicine earth offers us along with the thistles - which our society call weeds (hmmf is what I say to that). I love how she captured the seeds soft nature.

Wind, come blow these sweet seeds all over my yard and I PROMISE to make all kinds of dandelion tinctures and tonics to help keep us healthy.  You can cover our yard in dandelions and clover and we will take everyone else that thinks grass is better too!  They just don't know what good plant medicines they are missing.

Have a great Tuesday!

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  1. I LOVE the self portrait!!! It is so peaceful and reminds me of all the things I loved to do as a child that I never take the time to do anymore. I am inspired to go home and lie in the grass now!
    Tara A.