Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Recap

It seems to be the time of year where the schedule fills up.  Here in Georgia, we all try to cram everything into the first weeks of Spring.  Once summer time hits, you can forget being outside too much because it is just too hot and humid and if whatever you are doing doesn't include shade and water - well you just don't go.

I did manage to squeeze in a little quilting yesterday, but it doesn't look much different since the last time I showed you.  Therefore, you are going to have to wait a little longer to get another glimpse.

Friday night, Jason and I went to see one of my favorite dance groups, Beats Antique.  It was fun, but I think I may be getting too old for those late nights out.  We went home after they played about 5 songs because we were just too tired.  I was really looking forward to the show because I missed them when they came through last October due to my surgery.  I wish music in Athens started a little earlier - ewwwww - talk about sounding like a grown up.  I was glad to get home to snuggle up and go to sleep and have a full night of sleep.

Saturday, the kids had their year end performance for the Master's Academy of Fine Arts.  They did a renaissance fair.  The kids were awesome - all of them and they looked great in their Renaissance clothes.

That evening, Jason went to skate with some friends and Kalib and I spent a wonderful evening with my dear friend, Holly and her son Aaron.  It was just the medicine the doctor was calling for.  Thoughtful conversation about a little of everything.

Sunday, we rolled on out to our friend Jenny and Jamie's to celebrate Jamie and their son Cedar's birthdays.  Every time we go out there, I am so jealous of where they live.  It is truly god's country and their home is so inviting.  It was a great day spent in the sunshine with good friends and fun times for ALL the kids.

So, here we are on Monday morning.  We have another busy week ahead of us so there won't be much quilt talk.  At least this week we have a game plan.  Our annual Maypole celebration is coming up this Saturday and there is much work to be done around the house to be ready for all the people that will showing up to celebrate Spring with us.  We have a game plan, but unfortunately there is little time planned for quilting.  Thankfully, I'm to the hand work and can squeeze in a little at bed time - maybe...

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