Friday, April 15, 2011

Some notes on SPRING

This week has been one of those weeks where I have tried my best to work on a quilt, but I just haven't been able to get there. Thankfully, I got a full day in Wednesday with  the thread painting workshop or I might be feeling sorry for myself.

I have, however, been writing a lot in my journal because I can take it with me every where I go and I have been feeling VERY inspired to write.  I haven't been writing about anything all that important to anyone buy me mostly, but I have also been doing a lot of jotting down things I notice about the natural world around me. I tend to take mental note of Earth's subtle changes and notice how what's happening on the outside is often also happening on the inside.  Lately, I've been writing these thoughts down so I can come back to them and savor these precious moments of awakeness/awareness.

I spend about a half hour to 45 minutes a day wondering around in the woods behind my house with the dogs.  It has become the highlight of my day.  It's is often the only time of the day - most days - that I am alone with my thoughts and nature.
I could take this time to work on a quilt, but I would be robbing myself of the source of my inspiration if I were to do so. It also helps to keep me unplugged from the fast moving pace of existence. I like to take life in slowly so I can enjoy it rather than seeing it pass me by as it often does in our busy lives.
While walking, I noticed the muscadine vines that grew leaves over night.  As I was noticing everything coming to life I began to see all these vines with little buds on them I had not noticed before and the very next day they were grape leaves. SO fast! 
Anyone know how to make muscadine wine?
I also noticed the dogwoods have begun to drop their blooms and there are all these sweet white and pink petals on the forest floor.

I know that when the dogwoods are done  blooming the rest of the world of spring flowers are all about to burst forth.  The dogwoods always mark that Spring has arrived along with the daffodils and crocus.

My iris are beginning to bloom.

The iris my sweet Grama Rabun gave me.  When they bloom I feel so close to her sweet and nurturing spirit.

Irises remind me how intricately woven our world is. Irises are such a sight to behold on the outside, but when you peel back the flower petals and look inside, that is where their beauty truly shines forth - much like all of us.

There is a different world inside their blooms.

Jason and I saw 4 deer run through the woods.  I see deer often, but for some reason this time was different.  I am always humbled by their sweet natures, but they stood and looked and Jason and I. We watched one another, sharing that space and time.  Sharing that moment.  We accepted that the other was there, and they didn't run off, they walked on to their next stop to eat.

And lastly - for today; the sun has become warmer on my face. I often stop and just feel it on my skin and let it soak into me when  I am outside.  We are gradually moving closer in our orbit around this magnificent fire and I am sure you too can feel the earth warming up.  Take a moment and feel how much warmer the sun feels on your face today than it did a few months ago and how that makes you feel.  I like to close my eyes and feel it on my face.  My favorite place to feel the sun on my skin are those moments when it manages to make its way through the canopy of the trees.

Welcome Spring.

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