Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Since we created such a wonderful space on our back porch, the kids and I have been having breakfast out there most everyday regardless of the weather. In fact, we have been having most of our meals outside. It is the highlight of my day to enjoy good food around the table and us just having conversation. It doesn't matter to me whether the conversation is about something gross or about something cool they did, I am just glad we have that time together. I remember in my home growing up we ate almost every meal together as a family and I loved that time so much as it was just devoted to family. I am happy that we are carrying that tradition on into our family.

You also have to check out the great chairs I scored off Craigs list. They are awesome! The seats are handwoven and they are super old. I'll post a close up of them another time with the other furniture we have purchased this week for the house. I love new to us stuff! Makes everything feel fresh and new!
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  1. Beautiful!! I love your chairs, tablecloth, and lovely flowers. Perfect!

    We enjoy meals together as a family every day as well- just like my family did growing up. It's a very good practice.