Sunday, April 27, 2008

the yard

We have been working super hard on the yard. Weeding, mulching, weeding, mulching, weeding, mulching, you know the routine. We have not bought ANY new plants this year. Every year, I go crazy buying plants for the yard as I just love flowers! The more we have, the happier I am! The thing is, when summer rolls around and it's 100 degrees outside, I want nothing to do with the garden. The cool thing is now we have all these plants and the garden is really beginning to fill in and though if I wanted to buy some new plants, I could, but I just want to see what will happen this year and maybe in the fall move some things around to fill in the gaps.

So, as you can see we have loads of iris, my personal favorite - it was my grandmothers favorite as well (she gave me a love of flowers when she gave me the irises on the left of the picture above.

This a picture of our shade garden. We have quite a few endangered plants in there that have decided to spread to other areas. We've got some 2 different types of trillium, may apples, solomons seal, columbine, blood root, wild ginger, and a few others.

This is what coming up to my house now looks like with a fresh layer of mulch and a pretty weed free garden. Hubb limbed up the Japanese maples, and it won't be long until we have cherries on the Cherry Trees. The other side of our big bed that gets full sun looks great to, we are just waiting for the deer to realize the garden is so happy, and come and eat everything. Last year, our rose by the front porch would be just about to bloom and we would come out the next day and they would be eaten off. Typical, right? Anyhow, can't wait to share it with everyone! Bring me a plant if you like from your own garden - hey! We could trade!
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