Monday, April 28, 2008

India's mona lisa

It was painting fest on the back porch last night, while poor ol' mom crunched numbers and the such. It has been a very productive weekend. India painted this last night, it's a pretty big piece of wood. It is her interpretation of the Mona Lisa. I'm going to have to bust out my easel for her to use because she is quickly outgrowing her small one and it is starting to look like I am going to have to find a source for wood and paneling for her to paint on. Kalib started a painting, but he has plans of finishing it today, so hopefully I will have that for all to see later this week. Jason also started a rather large painting, but I'm not sure what his plans are with that yet, but I love them all painting together. Kalib went to sleep covered in paint, my good friend Ashley will just love that! I'll have to give him a good scrub after he finishes painting today. Homeschooling rocks, they can stay up and paint and they can get up the next day and paint and not have to wait for the next art class. Everyday is art class if they want it to be!
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