Thursday, May 1, 2008

Blue chairs

I bought these chairs when I worked at JoAnns. Kalib was just a little thing then. They were like $20 a piece and I got them 1/2 off, plus a discount. I was super excited about them. Well, they have sat in my yard, and got pretty gross over the years. We were going to get rid of them, then I decided to clean them up and see if they were worth keeping. I bought 2 cans of spray paint that adheres to plastic, and shazzam... blue chairs...

I just couldn't stop there... We also had this old table made of plastic, a couple of the slats are broken, so it occurred to me, we have all this plywood laying around from Jason's transitions, so why not cut a piece and glue it to the top, so, more blue spray paint, some layers of green pain, a little glitter (gotta make it sparkly) and some rhinestones, super glue and now, my blue chairs have a very cool table to go with them. I already had everything except the spray paint and the glue to glue down the rhinestones, but I'm excited to have only spent $10 all total and we now have this very nice place to sit and enjoy our fabulous front yard.
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  1. Punkin, These are really neat. I like the table and of course the blue chairs are great (since that's my favorite color).
    Love, Mom

  2. That's really cool. I like the table.