Monday, May 5, 2008

Maypole 08

Another year, another maypole. The maypole embodies life to me in many ways, but this year, I want to explain it on the level of friendship, because that is what I am most thankful for right now. You see at the beginning, everything is a little chaotic. The ribbons are a mess and hanging there all on their own. Each person represents a ribbon. As we begin the intricate dance of relationships with each other, a pattern begins to emerge. Each persons role in that pattern is important. As we dance the dance of life and we nurture our relationships, the real weave begins to show up and we see it and can appreciate its beauty. As our ribbons get shorter and shorter, or relationships get closer and closer, so close that we are in each others armpits and smelling one another's breath. It is intimacy, a sharing of life in all its glory. At the end, each persons ribbon runs out, just like life. We are born, we live, if we are lucky and awake we celebrate life and our relationships, and we die. Life is glorious when we embrace it for what it is. Are there obstacles? Sure, how about the people that just can't get the delicate weave right or what about the people who go too fast or too slow or what about the people who just give up? They are all part of the pattern that emerges. They just make it more interesting and we can use them as lessons to help us nurture our own patterns and webs we weave. I have walked away from this maypole with a much higher respect for my friends old and new. We share this sacred dance of life together each and everyday and most of us celebrate it and rejoice for each new day. Life is a blessing to be celebrated everyday.

So, here's how the day began. Cooking out and eating good food with good friends and good converstaions. Look at all the pods of conversation. I love finding out what Jason talked to about and to who. We talk about it for days.

The kids have plenty of fun too. There's all the exploration of the woods, and sticks, and chase, and endless bounds of energy and freedom untainted yet, by life's woes...

The kids always go first so they don't get trampled by the adults. The older kids who can get the dance go with the adults.

This is a pic from the outside as we go around

And now a look from the inside. Be sure to check out Jennifer's smile over on the side. What a trouper carrying Lyle and laughing so hard! I love it! This is what it is all about!

The hardest part of posting pictures is picking which ones to post. There are many more on our web album check them out, download them for yourselves if you like and thanks for another wonderful celebration of spring and everything it is about.

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