Wednesday, May 7, 2008


As most of you know, I am taking a course in homeopathy. I love it. It resonates with me so well. I have already put it into pretty good practice and thus far, we have had incredible results with it. When it rains, my lower back hurts, I took Rhus-T for it and after 1 dose, no more back ache. When the honey suckle started to bloom, my allergies started to bother me again, I found the remedy picture most similar to my problems and ta-dow, no more allergy symptoms at all. Kalib was severely bloated one night - he never gets indigestion, I gave him one dose of Cal-C and within 10 minutes the indigestion was gone and he was playing. Yesterday, India woke with a sore throat, we looked up her symptoms, gave her Belladona and by the afternoon no more sore throat and she was back to playing and teasing Kalib. I only had to give her one dose. I am truly amazed at how well homeopathy works. It is inspiring to me that something so small and so diluted can be as healing as it is. The weaker the dilution in homeopathy, the stronger the potency. It is amazing. It won't be long until I am offering my services to my friends and their children and I can't wait until I really feel ready for that. I think all of our lives are going to be seriously touched by my studies because I want to share the wonder of homeopathy. Thanks for all supporting me on my journey. I have always been passionate about herbalism and natural medicine, and now that I am back studying it, I feel more in touch with what makes me who I am and where my passions lie, now I've just got to find my way back to my sewing machine.


  1. We are very excited about this as well- not only because we look forward to having answers when we are not feeling well, but also because we can see how fired up you are about it! It's awesome to watch someone carry out their passion. You are perfect for this study and I know you will use the knowledge you are gathering for the good of everyone around you.

  2. experience makes a person perfect in a subject what he is going to achieve . Homeopathy needs regular study & deep discussions into the subject .Best of luck for your future !!!!