Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Hubb

Yesterday was Jason's birthday. I have some pictures from the family party, but I like this one the best because it embodies what this birthday and year has been all about. I met Jason when I was 16 he was 17. Holy cow! Over 1/2 my life I've known this man and the one thing that I love the most about him is NOTHING holds him back - it may take him time to figure something out, but he passionate and expressive and he is who he is and no one can change that... I remember his 18th birthday (probably more than he does), I remember being so jealous that he could go to clubs and I still had another year to wait, and I also remember worrying that he would get bored with me because I couldn't go out to the places he could go. Funny thing, he didn't get bored with me - here we are 16 birthdays later (he's 34) and we are still having a great time together. The best part of all is that I love him more everyday. When I see him on his ramp, I feel like he has arrived, that we have arrived. All the things we have worked for in our lives is paying off and he can experience his taste of freedom everyday of his life now if he wants. We were riding in the car the other day, I realized what it is about skating that I just had not gotten. When he is skating his mind isn't on anything at all except staying on his board. He's not thinking about what tomorrow holds or his responsibilities in life, he's simply looking to where he is going to roll next. That is how we should all be perceiving life. We should just be trying to stay on our boards and only being focused on where we are rolling next. Even things that seem like they are just awful eventually can bring us joy. Each step is just another part of the greater path. I'm thankful to understand this about his skate boarding it is how I feel when I'm quilting and the world is just shut out for a short time.

Jason is an amazing father, husband, and friend. I count my blessings everyday for having him in my life. He is my greatest teacher and mentor. He keeps my cup full and forces me in his own unique way to be the best I can be. He believes in me and I believe in him and I know together we CAN do anything. He inspires me to be the change I want to see in this world and to be my best at everything I do. He isn't perfect, but even his imperfections are lessons for me. Someone once ask me if there was anything about him I would ever want to change, and I don't really think there is. All the little things that annoy me, like him leaving socks or shirts all over the house, are all part of who he is and that is something I never want him to change, though I wouldn't mind if he started picking them up and putting them in the dirty clothes, but I want him to do it because he wants to, not because I'm nagging him. I want him to be true to himself before anything else. Really, that is what I want for everyone. He makes me laugh and I'm never bored when he is around. That is all I can ask for and that he love me back, and I know he does with every ounce of who he is.

Happy Birthday Hubb. You complete me and I love you! I can't wait to share many more birthdays and experiences with you. You make my heart feel full and blessed. That day so many years ago when we first met, was the greatest day of my life because it has led me to this moment of sharing my life with you and the beautiful beings we created through our love and our love shines through them as well.

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  1. This is beautiful. My daughter is sixteen and in a relationship that could be her for-life one. We've talked and thought a lot lately about the damage done when parents separate young couples, and we're going against tradition, practice and expectation.

    Seeing the love and growth you describe strengthens my resolve to help them and never hinder.

  2. I meant to mention I've been with my husband for 30 years, but the boyfriend I had when I was 17 could have been the one but his parents thwarted us hugely. We both have suffered from that over the years. Life worked out for us both, but there are scars and sorrows.

  3. those aren't my socks....

  4. It is amazing that you guys love each other the way you do. You both inspire so many out there who have yet to find that love. Hubb is the best. (by the way, had not seen the painted ramp...looking good.)

  5. inspirational!! i almost married the guy i met on my 16th birthday. i have no regrets that we didn't...we were together for 7 years and learned a lot from each other and are still friends. we broke up the year we were to be married and i married someone else that same year. and we've been together 14 years now. you just never know what love has in store for you.

    my parents kept me from someone i loved when i was 13 and i we snuck around. i think if there is trust in all areas, then there will be trust when our kids go on the love adventure. and trust goes both ways!! i wish i could've trusted my parents. and i hope my kids will trust me.

  6. awesome ramp!!! duuuude.. its green with the black spots in the middle.... anyway its really cool!!!