Monday, July 21, 2008

Clan mothers

Well, it is official... We got together for the first time last night. There were 10 of us around a sacred fire sharing and relating our lives to the lessons given in the July story. So beautiful. So sacred. We gathered at Madrona's and shared our intentions for the coming year and the night and then we shared how the story touched our hearts and then we opened the floor for dialogue about integrating the message of the story into our lives. We all have work to do to practice unconditional love, but the journey there is so much sweeter when shared with sisters. We howled at the moon sending our prayers of hope and love and belief in the power of our commitment to our walks out into the universe. I am reminded that my community is strong and vital and there is much wisdom all around me. We don't have to always look to ourselves for our strength, we can lean on our community. The women here are rich in love and wisdom and what a great joy to celebrate the turning of the seasons with them and deepen my own walk with wise words and lessons. I feel the tides turning and know that as we all journey deeper into ourselves the earth is renewed and refreshed and that all things are possible through love. The medicine we receive through love is unimaginable. How lucky to be part of a community where it just oozes out of everyone. Thank you wise women of Athens.

My mantra for this month is the prayer we howled to the moon... I love all things, I love myself, and I cut myself from the strings of judgement.

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