Saturday, January 29, 2011

the jury is out

Thursday night Jason and I took our artwork over to the Lyndon House to enter their 36th Juried Exhibition.

I have had quilts published in books.  I have been judged by national quilters and won awards.  I have had shows and been the center of attention, so why is it something so simple is so nerve racking?

Oh... it's the possibility of being turned away.  Of not being good enough to get in.

Then, I remind myself, it is only one person's opinion.  Why does it matter?

No one likes rejection.  It's hard to take.  It's hard to move through.  It's freaking scary.  Not to mention what it does to the creative process (at least my creative process, I'm sure other people don't think about it as much as I do.)

AND I haven't even been rejected yet... I'm just waiting on the postcard that tells me one way or the other...

So, why do I subject myself to it?
I keep asking myself that very question.  Why do it? What does it matter for?

What if I don't get in?
Well, I will sulk for a few days.  Maybe not sew for a few days, but I will get over it.  I always do and then I'll get back to quilting because the truth is, it really doesn't matter what others think of my quilts to me or whether it gets accepted.

I love quilting and I'm not going to stop because someone I don't know doesn't like it...

So, keep your fingers crossed with me that I get in because I did enter and I do WANT to get in. AND while you are at it keep them crossed for Jason and Sarah Cook.  Because I think we deserve it!

Here's what I entered... She's called "Pura Vida"

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