Wednesday, August 13, 2008

fall veggies

We now have a wonderful local farmers market of organic vegetables, juices, breads, crafters, and more. It is has inspired us to start a fall garden. This summer we didn't grow very much because we were building the ramp and life wasn't really lending itself to us having a big garden. We did grow some tomatoes which the caterpillars and deer enjoyed most of, a cucumber which I still have some hope for, and a few peppers. This fall though, Jason and the kids have big plans for a luscious garden full of sugar snap peas, broccoli (and Broccoli greens - my favorite), Kale, and collards. Greens, Greens, Greens, and more greens! We have been spoiled by fresh vegetables this year. On Monday morning I place an order with our locally grown farmers market where I get our milk, eggs, and a lot of the beef we eat. The milk comes from South Carolina where the cows actually roam around and are fed decent diets and there are no hormones or antibiotics, and the taste of the milk is just incredible. The meat comes from here in GA, but again, the animals actually have lives before they are slaughtered for my table. Their diet isn't corn and fat and hormones and antibiotics, these cows actually get to eat grass. (I do still buy some beef at the grocery store, but I try hard to be aware of what I'm buying). The more the meat becomes available through the locally grown, the happier we are. And lastly, the eggs, the delicious eggs. I hope I NEVER have to go back to having store bought eggs. (There's a rumor we are going to get chickens soon). The yolks of the eggs are so yellow they are almost orange and the taste... Let's just say keeping it local pays off in taste alone, but the food is better for us too. And lastly, the bread we have been buying comes from a company here is town called Luna Baking Co. They recycle the waste water and hops from Terrapin Brewing CO just down the street (literally) and use it to make bread that is out of this world! Our favorite right now is their whole wheat sour dough. YUM!!! And we know where it is all coming from which helps us know that we are taking into our bodies is good stuff rather than full of preservatives and hormones and antibiotics and other bad stuff. All right, enough preaching... I'm excited to know we will be picking veggies from our garden too this fall and here are the boys watering in the sugar snaps and the broccoli. Tomorrow we order our kale and collards. I can't wait! We have revamped the green house to start our seeds as soon as they get here - my favorite part of the planting process and talk about some serious skill learning for my babes!
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