Monday, August 11, 2008

I've been slack...

This is the longest I have gone in writing since I started this blog. Last week was totally uneventful. We have had such a busy summer, we decided to have a slow week. What does a slow week look like in our house? Well, it means we have nothing on the calendar except Spanish on Wednesdays. It means we don't go anywhere or do anything except explore life together. We did do quite a bit of cleaning, though the house only stays clean for a few hours since we live in it and we are always in the kitchen. I helped both kids clean their rooms and we went through closets and got rid of toys. It's more excitement than you can stand, right? I have a van full of giveaways for the GoodWill and more hand me downs for friends. The kids are growing by leaps and bounds. It won't be too much longer before India is taller than me (not exactly hard since I'm so small). On Saturday Jason helped me clean out the closet and I'm very proud of myself because I got rid of a lot of fabric that I would probably never use. I have bought fabric and bought fabric and bought more fabric, but a lot of it I bought for something other than quilting and though there may come a time in my life that I have time and energy for something other than quilting, I do not have room in my closet for it, so it had to go. We can actually walk in our closet again. That is a nice treat - especially since it is just a matter of time before I start a new project. I also got my desk cleaned off in the process and got a lot put away. I can't remember the last time my table was clean for me to use.
On Friday night, the kids went to spend the night at meme's and they met us at the Farmers Market on Saturday. It was a treat to spend all day on Saturday with them home even though I was in the closet most of the day. Yesterday was the Full House Open House at the Lyndon House. I have 2 pieces hanging in the show. I didn't make it over there because of a dance class, but Jason and the kids went. I took a dance class with the Shakti project on contact improv. It was amazing! The kids and Hubb met me at Baraka's afterwards and we rode on out to Nalu's to celebrate little Avi turning one. Yesterday more than made up for the mellow week we had.
This week, the kids start Tae Kwon Do back. That will add some rushing around to our schedule, but we are excited. India goes in as a blue belt and Kalib a purple belt.
I'll post more this week...

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