Saturday, August 7, 2010

jason got a new toy

I'm having a hard time staying on top of writing on the blog. We have so many things going on right now. My dance troupe is working on a performance, I'm learning poi, we are getting geared up for our next year of schooling, life, house work, blah, blah, blah. We are having a good time through it all. Staying connected and loving life.

Jason's birthday came and went and I haven't posted about him. Have I mentioned, lately, just how much I love this man? He is such a wonderful husband. I really couldn't have ask for more. I feel like I am so lucky to have his constant love and support and to be able to offer it back to him is the real gift. He's a great dad, WAY more patient than I am and a lot more understanding of sibling dynamics - something I really have NO patience for...

Anyhow, after his birthday last year, he started talking about wanting a juicer. I looked into them, and set my mind that he would get one. Christmas came and went, and no juicer in Jason's stocking. Living pay check to pay check and having very little extra money lying around makes buying expensive appliances hard. Who stepped in to help me out? My folks! Always! They were excited to be able to get J a juicer when I mentioned it to them. I started looking at them again and found a very nice stainless steel juicer for a price they felt like they could manage and viola my HuBBy has a juicer. The funny part of the whole story is my mom ordered it in plenty of time for it to get here for his birthday, but alas, it did not. The kids kept the secret, I kept the secret (which is something I am not good at when it comes to Jason - NOTE TO EVERYONE - I tell him EVERYTHING), my folks almost told him on his birthday, but decided to wait with some encouraging from the kids. Then, my poor mom and India made him The Grits Vegan Chocolate Cake and it completely fell apart. My poor mom felt so bad. She didn't have a gift for J and his cake looked terrible (it was really yummy) and in my opinion, at least he had a cake handmade for him by his daughter, I mean, how cool is that? AND it was vegan! They rock!!! So, Jason had to wait a few days longer to get his gift. After work one day, he came home and there it sat on our dining room table, but he couldn't open it because India wasn't here (probably at the library since that is where she spent most of her summer). When she got home and we had dinner he finally opened his present! It was the sweetest thing ever! When he saw what it was on the box he ask "Is this really what it is?" and I just smiled knowing how excited he was, then he ask, "Is it really new and not a used one?" I guess he thought when I finally found one it would come from Craigs list, but I just started telling him about it. Within an hour of it being out of the box every fruit in our house had been juiced and we were enjoying homemade apple juice. Talk about delicious! He's juiced a lot of stuff now and he LOVES it! Yeah for Jason getting something he wanted!!!

So, a few weeks late and a long post later, here are the pictures... (guess it's a good thing he isn't modest since he always seems to have his shirt off in all my pictures - I certainly don't mind)



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