Sunday, August 8, 2010

India won a contest

Our library is so awesome! All summer long they had the teen program going - almost everyday. Tuesday they had bellydance (Hopefully, India will let me put up the video - she's not here for me to check in about it - if you see her tell her you want to see it), Wednesday and Thursday were art and music days. At the end of it all there was an art contest and show and a movie premier and bellydance performance. India put up three great photos. I'm so proud of her for seeing the project through all the way to frames and for entering them. I didn't really care if she won and I don't think she did either, but she did!

This is the photo that won! She calls it "Death From Above"

We entered it into the CU part of Mother Earth News. Maybe they will publish it as this months CU was looking for unusual farming photos and I think what is more unusual than a chicken storming a lego castle? Anyhow, we'll see about that.

Here are the other two photos she entered.


The night of the awards was fun! Our friend Sarah Cook's daughter brought home and award for best drawing and India won best Photograph. These pictures are from that night! YEAH FOR INDIA!!!!

(she looks weird cause she didn't want me to take a picture of her, but she ended up at least agreeing.)