Thursday, August 12, 2010

library dance

India was resistant to let me take too many photos. She's not been into having her picture made lately and I have to honor it at least a little. Fret not though, because I love taking pictures of my children and watching them change and grow through them. I actually enjoy pictures pictures much more than watching videos of them. I didn't get a lot of pictures of all the girls the night of the library performance, just India. All the other moms were busy snapping photos too, so I just focused on my gal! It's hard for me to believe she is growing up so fast and becoming so independent. I'm eternally grateful for the person she is and the lessons she teaches me. AND I love that she is dancing (at least some). I find dancing to be so freeing and mind opening. Tapping into new ways to move the body and flow with sound - any sound fills my heart up with joy. I hope India appreciates dance - even if she never really gets into as a performance art, just that she appreciates the importance of letting go and just dancing...

Here are some pics from the night at the library. I'm hoping to get the video uploaded tomorrow, but I make no promises.







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  2. India totally rocked! I had great pleasure in teaching her this summer.