Sunday, October 24, 2010


Well, I'm feeling much better, but still got some weird pain things going on. I go back to the Dr. tomorrow and I am still running a fever on and off. It's really beginning to freak me out. I'm on two NASTY antibiotics (taking lots of probiotics to try to offset the damage they are doing to my immune system) and though many of the symptoms I was having are beginning to go away, I don't know if it is really because of the antibiotics or just time. I did get out of the house yesterday for a while and Jason and I have dinner at Mirko's. (I had bought a coupon $15 for $30 worth of food - such a treat). All in all I would say I am definitely on the upswing if this pain would pass. I've lost quite a bit of weight, but I'm happy to say my appetite is finally returning, so weight loss should begin to end soon. I go back to the Dr tomorrow and I have been paying closer attention to my symptoms and when they happen and exactly where the pain is at and what it feels like in hopes of her having some answers. I guess we'll see. This is not exactly how I thought this was going to go. I really thought I would rebound much better and be ready for what life has to throw me. Guess that's what I get for having expectations of something I knew nothing about beyond what I have read. Big lesson there... oh well... one day soon I will be completely back to normal and forget all about this process.

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