Monday, November 29, 2010

india's thanksgiving cake

Most of you know India loves to bake. It's a good thing I don't have a super sweet tooth (I seem to have a salty tooth) as she's always up to something in the kitchen either here or at my mom's. She wanted to bake a cake for Thanksgiving, but with my mom unable to stand for long periods of time in the kitchen she couldn't plan on making the cake with my mom. She's always done most of her cake making a decorating at my parents for no reason other than all the cake decorating stuff is over there. They have a ton of different tips and colors and mostly everything one needs to decorate a cake and they both took the cake decorating classes together, so it is just this thing they do together. This time, India was on her own. Thankfully, my dad was willing to bring us all the cake decorating items and I took India to the store to buy what she needed to make her own icing and cake. Let me just say right now, I think this is the best cake she has made so far. I don't know if it is because she did everything on her own. I didn't help at all (she didn't want my help) and Jason wanted to help, but he almost messed it up, so she scooted him out of the kitchen also. The only person allowed in the kitchen was Kalib and she wasn't all that patient with him either. She set to work early Wednesday morning by baking the cake. Wednesday night after she got home from the library we had pizza because we wanted to give her as much time in the kitchen as she needed. I was worried about her mixing up the icing because my mom told me it could cause my mixer to overheat (it almost did when she had to mix up a second batch - I need a standing kitchen aid mixer - or India needs one). I kept going back in the kitchen to check on it, but India, of course, had it all under control... She did a great job and my waist has grown because she made my favorite icing, butter/cream icing. Thank goodness the cake is almost gone now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some pumpkin bread or pumpkin muffins or maybe some oatmeal cookies next... (I think I may be developing a sweet tooth)

Be sure to check out the awesome aprons the kids are sporting - my Christmas and birthday presents from my mom last year... (HANDMADE)








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