Saturday, January 8, 2011

update on my latest quilt

Here is the initial post of this one... It was a blast to stitch onto this beautiful piece of hand dyed fabric by Anita. All the thread painting is done and I've got the image pieced and ready to have the thread work done there, so it can be sewn to the background and then officially quilted. I thought for sure I would be able to get this one finished before the entries are all due for the quilt show (this week), but I'm thinking otherwise now. I'm still trying. I'm going to spend very little time on the internet and more time behind my sewing machine today. Thankfully, it is cold cold cold outside and the kids are at my folks for the day making my grandma who turned 87 today strawberry shortcake. I should have a big chunk of time to work and if all goes well get it at least far enough to get a picture of it and get it entered. Those of you in the Cotton Patch Quilt Guild that read my blog, close your ears to all that. I know I'm supposed to have it done before now, but I bet you all have some last minute things you are trying to accomplish as well... Anyhow, either way, it's a good day when I have nothing to do but sew. Sure, I could find plenty of other things like laundry, sweeping, you know the typical household chores, but instead, I'm gonna turn some tunes on and relax.

We're supposed to get a lot more snow with sleet tomorrow night, and there will be plenty of inside time to get my housework done while trying to stay warm. Keep your fingers crossed that we don't loose power. The south is never really prepared for the cold wet weather. My poor chickens will have to stay shut up in their coop for a couple of days which always makes them cranky.

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