Wednesday, December 1, 2010

the newest project

A note to you and to myself - I am dysfunctional unless I have a gazillion projects in my mind and at least a good few going on at any one time. It is how I stay inspired and it is how I function in this world. I am learning everyday to embrace not having to finish one project in order to enjoy another AND how to handle multiple quilting projects at once. I have put the dragonfly thread painting to the side for now as I already told you in that post, AND I have already moved on and making pretty great progress. I'm feeling proud of myself this time not because my work is so awesome, though naturally being the full of myself person that I am, I do, but because I have let go of my attachment to that dragonfly. I have folded it up and will revisit it after I make a few more projects and maybe something will come to me. I have a feeling it will. That's what happened with the Phoenix quilt I made and it is also what happened to me when I made Sophia and those have both turned out to be my favorite quilts that I won't sell. My hope is that I will use the work I did in some really cool fashion and the truth is, I learned so much, but I still have so much more to learn about threads and thread painting. It is going to be an ongoing frustration me thinks...

I bought the fabric from Anita Heady. I seem to call her just about every time I need something now and she seems to always have just what I'm looking for. You can pick her fabrics up at Helix and you can contact her through her website too if your looking for excellent quality hand dyed fabrics.






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