Thursday, December 2, 2010

the cat sweater

Oh yes, you heard me right. A cat in a sweater. No, I'm not some nutty animal freak - or maybe I am and just haven't admitted it to myself yet, but I'm not dressing one of our cats up because I think I need a new baby (no interest there, but all the respect in the world for the mama's who are birthing now - 2 babies were plenty for us) nor am I wishing I really had a small dog to dress up - although you can bet if I ever have a small dog, it will wear clothes. I started thinking about getting Chloe a cat sweater some time ago when the weather began to turn to fall and our little heat magnet started deciding she was good and cool enough to hang out in our laps. (I was going to knit it myself, but haven't gotten around to it yet and I found the one I got for $2 and I like it)
Chloe is a true cat - totally anti-social unless it is her idea and then you can't get rid of her - especially when it is cold outside. I often wake up during the winter months wondering why I can't move while I sleep to find Chloe laying on my back or my legs (which will fall asleep when she makes her nest there) she's even prone to climbing under the sheets now to be warm. Then she complains and simply just does not understand why she can't stay there. I am much more patient about her snuggling habits than Jason, I usually just move her to a spot I can help her stay warm just not laying on top of me - he curses and throws her off the bed to only have me say, "JASON!". Wherever I sit or wherever you sit if you come over you can be sure if the heater vents aren't putting out heat, then Chloe IS going to find a warm lap and you might as well let her because she is persistent. So, the sweater is an attempt to help her be warmer than she seems to naturally be. I don't know how a creature with so much fur that is supposed to keep her warm can always be so cold, but she is.
The big question is, how does she like her sweater? Well, she didn't claw me up when I put it on her (I was really expecting her to give me a hard time about it) and she hasn't twisted and turned trying to get it off nor has she meowed more than normal or acted funny at all. She actually seems to be perfectly content and I imagine she's staying a bit warmer. You will see in the first picture she's still hanging out on the heating vents, but she didn't sleep on top of me last night nor wake me up trying to, so who knows, maybe that means it is going to work and our cat will at last be a little warmer this winter. Now, I'm on the lookout for a longer sweater for her and a second sweater so that when this one is covered in cat fur, because we all know cats shed nonstop. I told Jason now she just needs pants and some socks...

Maybe I should admit to myself I really am a crazy pet lady. I did have a thought of making some socks for the chickens... (I guess I shouldn't admit that should I?!)

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