Thursday, July 24, 2008

some of the new photos

I got some of the pics last night. Chad came over to skate. I have to say. He really did do a jam up job. I am beyond happy with these and this is just a few of the many great pics. We still have another day in the studio of finishing up the other quilts, but I just couldn't wait to show you guys what a fantastic job he did.
This one is called "I'm ready" It's obviously a new mama looking up ready to birth her new babe. There are 2 flowers behind her and 3 flowers ahead of her as her family goes from 2 to 3. The butterflies are representative of the metamorphosis of motherhood. Again there are 2 butterflies behind her as she faces 3 butterflies. As she changes and life becomes something new.
A detail shot that really gets what I like most about this quilt which is the quilting and the energies of the great sun merging and crossing into the energies of the mama.
This one is "Lord I Love to Dance." Named appropriately after the Langhorne Slim song. She is sassy and magical dancing among the flowers and glitter. And who doesn't like to dance in glitter?
This is a shot of the flowers. I sewed silk flowers down, and quilted over them in varying shades of thread to give them more texture and then added beads to some to give it even more texture.
This piece is me branching into new ideas and techniques. You can see the wavy background, all the stripes on the dress are individually pieced and quilted. The texture in the moon is quilting.
My favorite piece so far that I have made. "Sophia" Goddess of Wisdom. I made the angel twice. The first time it just wasn't right, so I made it again.

Here you can see the quilting of her hair and my favorite thing about this quilt is her face. Her skin is made of spider webs because she is the web weaver, the weaver of life... Here her mask is a spider web and just where her eye should be there's no web.

Here you see her belly with the colors of rainbow surrounded by clouds - infinite possibilities...

Lastly, the wings... Each feather is a separate fabric, and one of the most fun things about quilting is the never ending quest for just the right fabric. I love to make fabrics work. My favorite one in the wings is the green bumble bee fabric. Can you find the bumble bees? There are also lemons in there too somewhere...

Again, thank you so much Chad for doing such a great job.


  1. Oh those look great! The detail is superb, especially when you click to see the photos enlarged. You should be very proud of your work!

  2. This is fabulous Sarah! The shots look wonderful. Your first quilt reminds me of Medrona (sp?) for some reason.

  3. This is fabulous Sarah! The shots look wonderful. Your first quilt reminds me of Medrona (sp?) for some reason.

  4. I don't know how I got to your blog, but just wanted to say these are beautiful.

  5. ...amazing! Love the pregnant mama!