Saturday, July 26, 2008

Monkey Seeds

A good friend of mine who only recently returned from India stopped by my house to visit. He told me his tale and exploits of his journey with all the energy and electricity you would expect out of a westerner in a strange land doing strange things eating strange foods and the such. Upon his departure, he with only the best intentions stowed upon a small brown bag of monkey seeds. I was both grateful that he thought so much of me to smuggle such a contraband through customs and god knows what hiding places and also a bit puzzled at why he would go to such great lengths. "Thank you," says me, "Bright blessings on your house this day."
I should not bore you with the planting and germination process that goes into monkey seeds, but it is not complicated as monkeys are not complicated life forms.
Moving on to the now. In this now, I have a life. I say life because they are present in the yard and in the house. They stow away in the cars, in bed themselves in every aspect of our life. I'm sure there is a Buddhist lesson on compassion or impermanence somewhere here, but for the life of me, I cannot see it. All I see are monkeys. Lots and lots of monkeys.
They all didn't seed out at the same time. No, there are monkeys of all different sizes and more possibly still in a state of germination. The small ones mostly fell pray to the cats, but cat tummys are only so large and can only hold so many monkeys. The small ones quickly grow to become big ones. If you have never been in the company of monkeys or heard the myth they throw feces. Well, it is true to the fullest. It is true monkeys love nothing more than hurling feces at just about anything moving or stationary. I think there is no evolutionary mechanism going on. It is just good fun to throw feces and not just their feces, but all feces; dogs, cats, and even your feces if you are not quick with flush and disposal. I would make here a reference to monkeys and bad room mates, but I will leave the bad roommate reference to children. Children even though messy have a redeeming quality about them. Monkeys do not. You would not have this many roommates at one time and let us hope not this many children.
Given our families spiritual and moral philosophy we don't kill. We eat meat, but we don't kill. I now realize the hypocritic aspect of this philosophy, but none the less, we don't kill, except scorpions and mosquito's.
So with natural selection and time and patience our only tools, we persevere alongside the monkeys. I guess there is the Buddhist lesson, patience....

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  1. did any of said monkeys bounce two-footed on any furnishings designed for the dream-state? If so, as a follow up, did any of said monkey accidently dismount from said furnishings and suffer cranial abrasions, lacerations or contusions? If so, I believe I am familiar, and will right away phone the physician to see what is recommended for such circumstances.