Monday, July 28, 2008


Sundays are my favorite day of the week. Since I was little girl they have always meant a day with family in one way or another. Now, in my own family we have set this special time aside to be with each other. In the last few months (since Kalib really started skate boarding) Jason has been taking him to the Skate Park of Athens if he wants to go. What that means for me, is I get to spend my morning with India just us girls and Kalib spends the morning with his dad, just the boys. Assuming Kalib goes to the skate park, India and I try to go eat at mama's boy (her favorite place to eat breakfast - she loves the biscuits a true southern girl). I love the uninterrupted time we have together, we get to catch up on everything going on with her and I get to hear all about what she's reading, we talk about animals, books, art projects, ideas... It is such a bonding time for us. Then, when we all get back home home we are all 4 home together on Sundays. Those are truly my favorite times. We don't have to be interacting with one another, I just love when we are all home and I can see any one of them by simply walking to where they are. This is when we get to do family projects or we read together or curl up on the futons and watch movies, or we go see movies. No matter what we are doing, we are together in some capacity. I love my family. I love being with them.

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