Thursday, February 17, 2011

Meet Pepper

We have a new animal in our life, a puppy named Pepper.


We have been talking about adopting another dog since our sweet Stella died.  We decided to wait until the right dog came into our lives before taking on a puppy.  We knew this day would eventually come and we wanted to get a little one before Tonka is too old for us to enjoy them both and for him to help us teach a young one how a dog should behave.

Tonka is getting up in age.  He's 12 and he can't hold out long enough to play with the kids anymore. (Not as though he was ever a big player anyhow.)  He is, however, a loving and wonderful dog who behaves better than any other dog I have ever met (I know I am biased).  He is a great dog.  He doesn't mind the puppy too much as long as she stays away from him and his tolerance of that is even beginning to become apparent.  We were a little worried about him because he doesn't generally like other dogs, but he's almost always a good sport and is coming to accept the new addition and new energy to our house.

Pepper is a mutt.  The best kind of dog there is - if you ask me of course.  When we adopted her they told us she was a retriever/lab mix, but I think more like Spaniel, lab, a whole lot of mutt.  I have no idea how big she is going to get, but she is already super smart, house trained, crate trained, and well on her way to leash trained and sitting.  She also fetches which is a huge plus to me.  I have always wanted a dog to play fetch with. 


When I was a little girl, my grandfather had a frisbee dog and it was so fun to take Blacky outside and throw the frisbee and he always brought it back until he wore himself out.  I loved it and when he died I missed having a friend to play fetch with.  


She seems to be a great fit for us and we are all completely smitten.  Welcome to our lives Miss Pepper!


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