Thursday, July 28, 2011

A day spent with a lady's slipper...

There seems to be a point in every quilt that I reach that brings me to a stuck place.  That eternal hump I just can't get over.  

When I started this quilt I thought for sure the center point between the ballerina and the swan would be a pomegranate, but as it turned out, when I cut the pomegranate out it just did not fit at all.

I never actually made it with fabric, but I did get to the stencil and when I put that on there it just didn't look right.  It needed to be something delicate and soft, something fragile.

What to do? 

This was how I spent my day...

I started thinking it might cool if it was a wild flower...

Went down my list of favorites that might fit.

Lily of the valley?  They are white and delicate small flowers, but the white would be just too much white.  

Solomon's seal? Too complicated.

Trillium?  maybe....

Lady's slipper?  Definitely yes.

EEEKKKK what color?  

We usually see pink one's around here.    It can NOT be pink.  Major clash with the red.  

But, no harm in trying it, right?

Stare at it.

LOVE it, but hate the color.

What am I going to do? I'm totally attached to the lady slipper.

Google them again... 

There are yellow lady's slipper.

Now, that could work...

Remake the flower in yellow.

Stare at it.  

Absolutely cannot stand the leaves.

Re-make the whole thing with different leaves and slightly different flower- same yellow.

Stare at it - get a little frustrated.  It's still not right.

Think the flower is too big - it's distracting.

Re-make flower.

Stare at it some more (as though I haven't stared at it enough already.)

 FINALLY... got it.

Except, the flower is a little too big.

So, I re-made it - a little smaller...

And viola, SUCCESS!

Whew - that was a close one.  I was beginning to think I was going to have to go with a different flower.

Now, I'm on to those trilliums.  I think I can make those work too...

See you tomorrow!

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