Thursday, July 14, 2011

Swan, Swan, and more Swan

Every spare moment I have I am putting into working on Transformation. 

I've spent quite a bit of time lately worrying that I'm not spending enough time with the kids since I'm so focused on getting this quilt done in time to hang it up for the August show.

Thankfully, towards the end of the day, the kids are usually willing to hang out with me while I work on it. We listen to music, watch So You Think You Can Dance (we all know how much I LOVE dancing) or we listen to Harry Potter.  India is making bracelets these days and Kalib has reconnected with drawing so it is fun for all of us.

I love their willingness to spend time with me while I create.  It means more to me than they will ever know I am sure.

Onto the quilt update:

I'm making great headway.

The feathers of the wing are some of the smallest pieces I have ever made. I had to change them a little because some of the pieces were just too small for me to try to piece.  (I did try, so I get credit for it)

If you click on the image it will get bigger and you can really see the pieces.

The swan turned out even better than I thought it would in my imagination.

I have thought a lot about whether lack of shading would be a problem.

Swans are only white, stark white - no off white, no dirt, just white.  This quality is what makes them such incredible birds.  How many creatures in nature are just purely white?

I was a bit concerned about how the wings would look pieced next to the solid body.

  Would the piecing be enough to truly make them look like wings do when you stand back from it?  With everything being stark white it is hard to create movement and shading.

Before starting the wing I looked up swan images hoping to see some shading on the wings, but nope... they are just pure white. 

I think piecing the wing and nothing else has worked in my favor.  It makes the bird a little more three dimensional and adds some texture to the white and I am thrilled with it how it turned out.

I'm ready to start the ballerina.  Let's hope she goes together as easily as the swan!
See you tomorrow!

I'm off to quilt!


  1. It looks absolutely amazing, Sarah!

  2. My heart literally did a little flip flop when I opened this post. The swan is incredible.