Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Swan piecing begins!

Naturally after all the hard work of getting the swan and ballerina the right size I was eager to get to work piecing.  Not to mention, I have to  have this quilt done in only 3 more weeks.  

The clock is ticking...

I set straight to work on making my templates for piecing the swan.  

Part of the process of getting the template right for this quilt is to reverse it which my handy dandy copier does not do. (Note to self: when this copier wears out get one that will copy a mirror image.) 

What that means for me is once I have my stencil the right size I then have to trace it onto tracing paper and turn it over, then trace it again onto the Sulky Totally Stable.  I tried just turning my copy over, but even with the light box under it the lines were too hard to see through the paper and the Sulky.

Thank goodness for my light box.  

Tracing is so simple now.  

Once it is on the Sulky Totally Stable, I'm ready to go.

Cutting one piece at a time the swan began to take shape.  

I was a bit nervous since swans are stark white that it would be a bit boring, but it definitely isn't going to be.

I didn't make a lot of head way into piecing before my quilting time ran out.  Especially since it took me so long to get there, but I'm focused and determined to get it done and I'm loving how it's coming together.

Until tomorrow!

I'm off to quilt!

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  1. Amazing! Your quilt is a piece of art! I love it!