Friday, July 15, 2011

Observation Medication 7/15/11

WHEW!  It is HOT! 

I'm going to be honest today and tell you I haven't been outside much. 

Maybe it is aging, maybe it is global warming...

I don't know what it is, but it is just hot and I am not enjoying it.

What I am enjoying is the bounty that is coming from the garden.

Jason made pickles on Sunday from our cucumbers.

I have started freezing the green beans as they come in from the garden.

Jason's grandfather has assured me when his lima beans start coming in I can come over there and pick all we want.  (Kalib will be thrilled)

I'm hoping to can some tomatoes this weekend.  (There is nothing like opening a jar of homegrown diced tomatoes for soup when it is wet and cold outside or making fresh salsa from tomatoes that have flavor rather than from out of season tomatoes.)

We have a watermelon on the vine. (YUMMMMYYYY!!!!) Hopefully more to come.  We made Watermelon and cantelope juice last year and it was delicious.  You just puree it and then strain it if you don't like pulp.  You can add sparkling water to it if you want a little fizz too.  Talk about refreshing a sweet.  MMMMM makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

I've got the ingredients for fresh pesto on my grocery list, so I'll be making some pesto to freeze sometime during the week.  (You know, in all the spare time I have.)

We've (well, Kalib) has started taking clippings from the herbs we use in teas and cooking and they are starting to dry for us to save for the year.

My kitchen is in a constant state of MESS, but its a good mess and one I can definitely live with and enjoy.

Fresh vegetables?

OH! YES!!!! 

And best of all, we've been able to share our abundance with friends!

I grew up eating fresh vegetables or canned vegetables from the garden, so to have them flowing through my home to feed my children brings me immense pleasure and satisfaction. I hope it makes my parents feel good to know their love of growing food when I was a kid has filtered down through me. 

I appreciate the work that goes into growing good food and my taste buds appreciate it even more. 

There are few things in this world as good as a ripe tomato straight off the vine.

We've got to make some plans to go pick blueberries!  Blue berry pie in winter?  PLEASE!!!!

One day, all these blue berries Jason has around here are going to really begin bearing fruit and we are going to be covered up in blue berries.  I say, bring it on!

Have a great weekend.

Try to stay cool and hydrated! 

See you  on Monday!

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