Thursday, February 24, 2011

Presents For ME!

I finally broke down and ordered some Shiva Paintstiks.

I have been wanting some of these since the very first time I heard of them, but I have always been a little chicken to try to use them on a quilt for fear of messing something up.  I still have those conversations in my head about whether it is "proper" to write or add to the fabric.  Obviously, those are only conversations I have in my head and they are always based in fear.  I am on a mission this year to over come that little voice which whispers to me you are not good enough for that or you aren't ready for that.  

Therefore, I told that little voice to shush and bit the bullet and ordered them.

 They haven't arrived yet, but I am really excited to give them a try.  I am hoping to add some detail to the flowers and to the rest of the piece under my machine BEFORE I finish it out with thread and beads.  I feel like I am moving into a whole new stage of quilting and ideas.  And the fear is beginning to leave and it is being replaced by courage. 

I am also branching out more and trying to read more about quilting and techniques and I even signed up for a class.  YEAH ME!!!  I tend to be a loner and try to master things on my own, so I'm working hard at being more open to learning other ways because it nourishes my creative side.  Then, when I do get out and learn something I am ALWAYS so glad I did.

I ordered the iridescent ones because if you haven't noticed yet I like things that sparkle.

 I also ordered this book to read so I wouldn't be jumping in totally blindly.  And I do have plans of trying them out and testing them first BEFORE using them on the quilt.

I feel like a little girl on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa Clause to arrive with my new presents!  

Now, I just need to figure out how to talk the HuBb's into taking me on a serious fabric shopping road trip as my stash is beginning to dwindle - maybe my birthday...


  1. You are MOST definitely good enough!! ANd personally, I can't wait to see how you use these and what comes out of this new creative endeavor!

  2. That's SO exciting! Take lots of pictures of your results. I've never heard of these before and they sound really cool!