Monday, July 25, 2011

When inspiration hits

I have begun to think about what my next project was going to be as I get closer and closer to finishing Transformation.  

I keep thinking about what I want to do, the colors I am feeling these days, but nothing was coming clearly.  

No solid ideas.  

I have 4 quilts in mind that I want to make, but none of them have come through the channels to a concrete plan. 

Usually by the time I get to this stage of a quilt, I know pretty well what's up next and I've started gathering drawings and fabric and I'm starting to work on stencils, but thus far... 


This lesson on transforming seemed to be sticking with me and I was beginning to hit that stuck place - that creative block we all dread.  

What more do I need to learn about this medicine?

Instead of letting myself go there and it bring me down which blocks typically do I know in my heart that this lesson is one I will always be learning.  

We are constantly in a state of transformation.  

In every moment.

So, instead, I put my energy towards realizing the lack of flow may have more to do with the speed at which I have been making quilts.  They are coming out faster than ever before.  Especially since I have been more committed to making time for it.  

Isn't it amazing how that works.  

Who would have thought?  Make time for quilting and you quilt faster.  

It's rocket science, I tell you.

 I should have know the inspiration would hit.  I just need to hold on to the faith and know it never really leaves me.
I have had a hard time working on this quilt all weekend.  I have found tons of reasons to procrastinate.  Some worthy of procrastination, some... not so much.

I found myself wanting to do everything but quilt. It was one of those times where my idea wasn't happening like I imagined it and I was having to make the same piece over and over and over and over to get it right.  (I will be showing you this process a little later this week.)

After 6 tries, I finally got it like I wanted and that seems to have helped open me up  to receiving some new inspiration - not to mention I made a vital connection to some thoughts on transforming a part of my personal pattern I am feeling needs some serious attention.  I say, let the lessons begin! It's work personal work I am hungry for.
It's all very exciting - it stays exciting because I love personal growth as it never fails to bring with it endless joy.  

This is how I work my magic.  

The part of self that needs some polishing awakens and the inspirations come flowing.
Laying in bed last night I was trying to go to sleep and like so many times before couldn't because ideas for new quilts were streaming into my head. The imagery for the next quilt has started to take shape, but I have also got some ideas for a new dance costume and some belt ideas.  

I've got some thoughts on an Etsy store - which exists, but has nothing in it.

I stayed up WAY past my bedtime writing out my ideas and taking notes on everything that was coming through.  

I made lots of lists of stuff to look up - some how to tutorials (AHHHH!!! the simplicity of the interweb) I have lists upon lists of things to look for to use as inspiration for these upcoming exciting new projects.
For now, I've got to get this quilt finished, but when I'm overwhelmed or not inspired over my next three days off from work, I'm going to be looking for some fabric flowers, trees, wool roving for dying, and so much more!  I am feeling a trip to the fabric store on my agenda towards the end of the week.

Ahhhhh.... I'm feeling inspired!  It feels so good.
If you have good links or know of a great book to make flowers I would love to hear about them as well as inexpensive sources for wool roving.

Until tomorrow!  

I'm off to quilt!

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