Tuesday, June 24, 2008

another lodge

On Saturday, Jason and I were blessed with the opportunity to attend a sweat lodge together. I have been participating in lodges for over 2 years maybe going on 3. The sweat lodge is a wonderful place to ground, shed unneeded energies, dead skin cells, and toxins. This is the first time Jason has ever been a part of a sweat lodge. It was a great experience for us to share together. When I sweat with my girlfriends, we do everything. We gather the fire wood, build the fire, tend the fire and we move the bricks in and out of the lodge ourselves. It is a lot of work that takes most of the day. For this lodge, we decided the women would do everything for our men. This lodge was all about them. All they had to do was to show up. This was very important to me. Jason works so hard and he has accomplished a lot in the last couple of years. There isn't a day that goes by that I am not aware of the choices he has made to support all of us and I wanted to give something back to him. The lodge isn't much in return for all that he is and all that he does, but I know the benefits one receives from it, so to share it with him and know he had to just enjoy it makes me feel good. He didn't have to do anything except be the person he already is. I know we already share such a bond, but this journey together has brought us even closer as we have shared in an ancient cleansing ritual together and I have made an agreement with myself to try my best to take him less for granted and celebrate him as often as I can. I know he appreciated the lodge and has walked away from it with many of the same feelings I have for it. There are few things in this world that can change your life in such a positive way, but tapping into something people have been doing for 1000's of years is certainly a beautiful way to build upon an already wonderful life together.


  1. HO ! Serving myself and my sisters is such a wonderful experience and is something I need on a regular basis. Being able to give to my man in a sacred way, soley to honor him and our relationship is another! I really feel as you my friend, I don't want to take for granted anything that Darrin does, all that he does centers around me and our children, and I need to keep him aware that I too know and appreciate that. Our men ROCK!

  2. Sounds like you really appreciate what you have, Sarah.
    My man sure sounds a lot like yours and they should be appreciated...
    The sweat sounds like a great experience!