Wednesday, November 11, 2009

hayride anyone?

On Saturday, I was working hard on finishing up the quilt I've been taunting you all with and starting a new one... turns out my machine may need to be serviced so please send some love to it because I REALLY need it to be working well... anyhow... Jason and the kids were outside working on the nesting boxes for our chickens who will hopefully start laying around Thanksgiving. Jason's sister, Tracey, called to invite us over to her grandparents for a last minute hayride and bonfire. I totally love this. It's one of those opportunities to spend time with his family doing something we ALL enjoy - being outside cooking hot dogs and s'mores over a BIG fire and then taking a ride around the property taking in the stars and just genuinely having a good time. They do it every year and I hated that we might not get to do it this year because they had planned to do it on the 30th of October, but we couldn't make it then because of India's dance performance, so thankfully it got postponed. I guess it didn't work out for anyone else either (thankfully for us)... anyhow... it was fun! Thank you to gaga and gobby for putting the effort into it.





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