Friday, January 22, 2010

keeping it local

So, we are getting 4 eggs daily. Just the perfect amount for breakfast and man are they good. Maybe it's just in my head that they are so delicious, but when I eat them up it doesn't matter that it might just be in my head because these eggs came from my sweet little chickens that follow me around the yard.

Cooking them up for a yummy breakfast. See how yellow they are?

And finished ready to eat... now talk about local, the bacon is from a local farm and it is some good eating and the coffee is from a local roasting company. We had a totally local breakfast. What more could a girl ask for? Good food with minimal environmental impact served up nice and yummy in my home! I love this town for all the good food that we can get and more opportunities to keep it good and local and healthy seem to be arising every day! There's talk that Athens is finally getting a trader Joes (although they don't sell all local food they sell healthy food at reasonable prices) and there's talk of a farmer's market similar to the Dekalb Farmers Market which would be awesome! The more I learn about the food, the more excited I get when new opportunities to eat well and more consciously arise! WOOHOO for good food!

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