Thursday, January 21, 2010

let the partying commence

For India's birthday we had some of the most beautiful weather we have seen in quite some time. It has been so rainy and so cold, that a few days of sunshine to remind us what living in the south is all about has been great - although it is raining outside as I write this morning. Our dear friend Rachel made the suggestion that we take a field trip to the Botanical Gardens since the weather was as nice as it was...
We went for a lovely walk in the woods...

then the photo shoot began (I unfortunately don't take as good of photos as some of my friends, but I still like taking them!)
The kids were posing under this interesting gateway onto the trails...

Then they made a pyramid. Gwenny was supposed to be on top, but she doesn't like heights...

Then they posed on a retaining wall, but I got the picture as they jumped off...

We had a yummy inexpensive lunch in the cafeteria there at the Bot Gardens and then headed home for the rest of the afternoon. That evening we went to Jason's grandparents for Cake and Ice-cream and presents...
India made her own cake of course...

She got a lot of money and a photo album for her autographed photos of movie stars...

She got a big present that she had no idea what it was.

And being typical of my folks it was wrapped twice just to throw her off.

But once she figured out what it was she was so happy!

It was the american girl she had been asking for and saving her money to buy! She was thrilled!

She also got an ipod Nano that she named Oscar

All in all India has had a stellar birthday. Usually by the time India's birthday rolls around everyone is over celebrating because of Christmas, but this year I think India really got everything she was wanting. Now, I'm going to take her to blow some of her birthday money on games for her DS and on Saturday is her birthday party with friends. SLEEPOVER!

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