Thursday, March 11, 2010

alice in wonderland

We went to see it on opening night all dressed up! I forgot my camera - that seems to be happening to me a lot lately, but thankfully, Jennifer is almost always prepared! She wrote a great blog post about our adventures to Wonderland and there are great pictures there to see all the kids dressed up in their costumes to go to the movies, so rather than trying to steal her pictures to post here, I'm just going to send you over there to read all about what the kids did and all the fun they had! And... I want to say there have been a lot of bad reviews of the movie because it deters from the book too much, but if you aren't expecting to see the book on screen it is a really great movie and story! It has parts that are like the books, but more it is just a good movie with great characters and costumes in classic Tim Burton style. If you are lover of the book and want the movie to follow it, then don't go see it, but if you are a fan of Tim Burton's movies and want to see a visually awesome story told in a new way, then you will enjoy it. We certainly did!

Here's the link to get to Jennifer's blog about our night - more India's night, but fun fun fun was had by all!
Jennifer's Blog!

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