Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Gift

What do these pictures all have in common?



They are the beginnings of a ring bearer pillow for my dear friend Ashley.

Ashley is getting married in Costa Rica and she leaves one month from today.  I was supposed to go, but finances and life are standing in my way.  I am deeply saddened to have to miss such an important day in her life.  She is by far one of my dearest friends.  We tried hard to save up the money, but it was to no avail and here it is one month from her trip and the least I can do is provide her with a ring bearer's pillow.

Her day will be awesome and she will be beautiful.

 She deserves all the happiness life has to offer us in our earth walk.

Of all the people I know, Ashley has worked the hardest on herself to love herself and embrace her own awesomeness.  (The awesomeness all her friends already know she has.)  It is pure joy to watch and to get to walk along side of her while she transforms herself and her story about herself.  

My gift to her is a ring bearer's pillow that she will be able to use in her home as a daily reminder of the moment when she and Kris untied their rings and placed them on each other's fingers.  A small memento of the moment they committed to each other to be together in this life for better and for worst.

My sincerest hope is that Kris and Ashley will find the joy of being married like Jason and I have found and that their love will only grow deeper and more powerful.


I hope to start cutting fabric tonight, but I have to finish getting everything ready to turn in my entries for the Quilt Show.  Are you coming?


  1. Awwww....very nice. You are not suppose to have me tear up while working. I love you and cannot wait to see our pillow!

  2. I think I'm a follower now. And I'm a believer...