Monday, March 1, 2010

as we grow impatient

You can feel the stirrings of spring, the little daffodils are on the brink of blooming with their little buds about to pop any day now. The weather wants to warm up, but it seems caught up in the cold. The ground hog didn't see his shadow this year, so we can expect longer cool weather, but we are SO ready for spring. Jason has been working really hard in the garden trying to get it all ready and be ahead of the growing game as we wait patiently for the soil to begin to warm up. It's just still so cold outside to me. I hate to be cold and I am so ready for warm weather, I have been shopping twice to buy clothes for spring and I've found some really cute things I can't wait to wear! Anyhow, that's a whole different post! We are so thankful when the weather is at least nice enough for us to get outside into the sunshine! The kids have been pulling their bows out and this year India can successfully pull hers all the way back! When we bought their bows we didn't realize how hard a 25lb bow was going to be for the kids. They haven't lost hope on them though, both kids try really hard to shoot them. India really wants to be good at it, so she works extra hard and shooting arrows seems to be a Sunday affair in early spring for us. I'm just excited to see her finally able to get it pulled back on her own!

Kalib isn't quite there yet. (Jason actually bought a 15 lb bow last night for them). He hasn't lost hope on shooting arrows and he'll find the new lighter bow when he wakes, but since it's just too hard for him to pull the bow without help he decided to whittle on a stick!

Jason is grateful for the days without rain. He had the field plowed on Friday and he's already got it all raked out and is working towards getting his irrigation in line! I'm so proud of him for having a plan and being on it this year! I can't wait to be eating veggies from the garden again. We are getting low on the summer veggies I put up last year!
And me... I am still working on getting over this chest cold and I'm just happy to be able to lay around outside in sunshine - even if it is still cold to me and watch the kids and Jason do what they love! Life is good on a sunny Sunday!
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