Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas parading

We now have a yearly obligation to the Christmas parade. This year to India's great pleasure we managed to meet up with all her friends to watch the parade. It was cold, but the parade was fun. The girls heckled every float and had a great time entertaining themselves as well as the adults.

This is Gwenny - she's never been to a Christmas parade before. She was SUPER excited.


The girls

Some of the friend family...

I had an internal debate as to whether to put this one of J up or not, but he looks so funny... and thankfully, he doesn't embarrass all that easily and he was making the face on purpose AND he knew I was taking a picture... he knew I would put it up.

oh yes... our Christmas parade has storm troopers... that's right... us Athens folks are not only stupid football fans, but we embrace the nerdom also. I LOVE STAR WARS!!! This was the treat of the night for me. Wish I had have gotten my picture taken with one.

And a post about the parade without a few floats would be incomplete.


me and my little guy. (Ashley says I looked like a homeless person all wrapped up in my shawl, but I was warm... was she? No, she had to borrow Kalib's gloves - so there)


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