Sunday, April 3, 2011

These are the days of wine and roses

I got all the bottles in the ground and got to spend the day in the warmth of the sun.  It was a pretty breezy day where it was warm in the sun and cool in the shade.  Our yard has plenty of both which is fortunate for us since Jason loves growing food and I have a deep love for shade plants and natives.

This is where I left off last year at the end of November.

Kalib had a  friend here and they were sweet enough to help me move all the bottles outside and get them laid out where I was going to get started.  Then Jason got involved and started fixing a path that I was hoping to get to before I ran out of bottles

I finished the right side of the path all the way to the grass.

My plan is to eventually take the bottles all the way past the gate in the photo to the edge of the wood and line the raspberry bed with them. That's AFTER I finish the front gardens.  (Many MANY bottles later)

 After finishing the section to the right of the path, I came back to the front porch area and started heading up the path towards where we park our cars.  I stopped where they ran into the liriope we have planted down that path.  I'm still trying to decide whether to go all the way up the path or not, so I'm stopping there for now

Once I hit the liriope, I moved over to the path that runs to the water spicket.  This little path becomes an issue every summer as it was getting overgrown with liriope and there was a large cherry tree in the corner. Jason pulled out the cherry tree and pulled up the liriope and we have replaced what was there with roses for India.  (She raises ALL the roses around here - they are her plant specialty)  

As I get more bottles I'm going to line the right side of this path next. We will mulch the path and getting to that water spigot in the summer will be a breeze. (This is the path Jason was working on in the other photos - doesn't it look nice?)  This spigot is where all the irrigation for the front yard connects to, so being able to get in and out of there easily has become important.

This is a view looking back towards the porch and shadier side of the yard.  (We are thinking about how to light the bottles at night.  Any suggestions?)


If you are willing to save your bottles for me.  I would really appreciate it.  (Well, that is if you live close by and drink wine.)

I am also trying to think of somewhere local I could pick up bottles from that would be convenient for me.  What I think would be perfect is somewhere that serves a small variety of wines and doesn't go through tons of bottles a night, but enough I would need to pick them up every few days.  I think I could handle that.

Now, I'm off to sit out in the sunshine a read a bit, then back to those flowers!

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