Friday, April 29, 2011

This Week

I set myself the challenge a few weeks ago to try to notice one new thing about my world each day.  I'm finding it to be pretty easy thus far with everything coming out fresh and new with it being Spring and all.  I'm thinking that as summer wears on it may be harder to find things I see as "new", but so far I'm really enjoying the process of paying closer attention to what is happening around me. Honestly, it makes me feel more awake and in tune - which I only see as a good thing.

This week...

I noticed the ticks are out in full force.  I think I have already pulled a dozen off that have actually managed to bite me. I haven't been counting the ones that I find crawling on me, but there have been plenty of them. I'm trying not to complain about the ticks (or mosquitoes for that matter) because I know all life has purpose, but sometimes I just don't see it.  I try to be grateful for the things that don't necessarily make sense to me too.  I definitely need to make some bug repellent.

On the brighter side of things

The day lilies in our backyard have opened up over night bringing some color to the garden.

These sweet little iris that only bloom for a few days have opened.  They are the smallest iris we have in our yard and the blooms only last a few days.

My FAVORITE iris opened up this week.  The flowers are so heavy they always fall over so we bring them into the house and enjoy them inside.

They are so incredible - the work the plant has to do just to produce something so uniquely beautiful.

If I was a bumble bee or butterfly I would certainly come and check this flower out for delicious pollen.

The sage is blooming.  If we are lucky it will bloom again before fall comes.  I'm going to harvest some leaves for cooking. (YUMMY)

The Baptisia (False Indigo) opened up this week.  This one is another big favorite flower of mine.  It was one of the first flowers I came to love while studying horticulture in college.  Most flowers I know what it is about them that I love so much, but Baptisia is one of the few plants I look forward to every year for no reason other than for its beauty. 

And lastly, I've been admiring the green brier in the woods.  It's so lush - and plenty dangerous for the legs when walking through it.  Did you know you could eat it?  I dare you to try it.  The taste might surprise you.

Have a great weekend!  I'm finally off to round up beads and get back on that quilt!

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