Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Summertime is my favorite time of the year. I feel like we can do ANYTHING this time of year. The kids aren't trapped inside, and they get to use up a lot of their energy being active. We can go to the pool where they can swim and eat, swim and eat, and I get to lounge by the pool either in the company of good friends or a good book. I wish I was better at keeping my schedule so free in the winter, but it is harder for me to relax because I'm trapped inside. The heat doesn't really bother me so much if I can cool off some by going inside for a few minutes or jumping into water - even just sitting by the pool is good enough for me. I don't really even need to get in, just taking in the sunshine is enough for me. I'm sure I feel this way because I don't HAVE to be in the heat everyday.
The other day we went swimming with some friends at Green Acres Swimming Pool on the East Side. I really like this pool - in fact, I think it may be my favorite swimming spot in Athens. There is sun, there is shade, and the pool is maintained very nicely. It's in a quiet neighborhood and it is a pretty large swimming pool. The best thing about the pool is THE DIVING BOARD!!! No other pool we frequent has a diving board, so they really love it! Thankfully, we have friends with memberships here so we can go pretty often. Here is Kalib practicing his skate tricks. I'm not sure that is what he is actually doing, but it certainly looks like it.
Here is India practicing diving. She really wants to learn to dive. We have been practicing just trying to go in head first, so here she is sort of rolling off the board. It is a confidence thing, so she has to believe she can do it. I know this is her year to do it.

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  1. Ooh that looks like fun! We know some people from ACE who have memberships over there too- I'm sure we'll be tagging along at some point :)