Thursday, July 30, 2009

kalib got a new bike

Can I just say he really needed a new bike! This is a great bike because it is a hand me down traded for veggies from the garden and it fits him perfectly! The bike he was riding he had outgrown badly. When he rode it his knees came up to his chest even when the seat and handle bars were raised all the way up. Jason and I have been looking at bikes for him for sometime and we were out riding bikes with some friends and I noticed one their friends was pretty close to outgrowing her bike (which was a really nice bike), so I ask if when they replaced it could we possibly buy it from them? A week or so ago, Rachel e-mailed me to say they were getting ready to replace Grace's bike AND they would love for Kalib to have it in trade for vegetables and I thought oh! We can definitely do that and now Kalib has a GREAT bike to ride that he loves and our friends are getting to eat yummy vegetables from our garden! What a perfect trade! I wish I saw Rachel more often, so I could make sure they were consistently supplied with them, but she's got some coming to her tomorrow night! THANK YOU SO MUCH RACHEL AND JOE AND GRACE! Kalib really loves the bike and is back to riding up and down the driveway every night which of course makes mama happy!


She did not get a new bike, but I really like this picture of her looking tough on her BMX...



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