Sunday, August 2, 2009

a human can opener

On Friday, our good friends the Brays came over to see the baby chickens (I'll be posting some photos later this week of the new babies) and ended up taking my kids home with them for the day. Thank you so much Jennifer. I was able to get the whole month at work closed out by 5:30 and home and ready to head out on Friday night on time without being totally stressed! Anyhow, while Kalib was over there he lost a tooth, one of his canine's. Then, on the way home from her house (because Jennifer and I were heading out together for a special evening with the Clan Mothers) he lost the canine on the other side of his front teeth. 2 teeth in one night! I guess the tooth fairy was really happy to pick up two at once. Saves her from making an extra trip along the way!


  1. That was so cool! Not many kids lose 2 teeth in one day- Kalib must be pretty special :) And I feel very proud to have gotten the play-by-play during the actual tooth losing process in the car (Hey! I just heard the root crack again! Now it is hanging by just a piece of skin!) Go Kalib!

  2. I'm so flaky! It's actually not his canine's! It's the teeth between his front teeth and the canine's! Either way he looks hilarious!